bastien ligthart

technical director & partner


Sailing a boat is fun. But designing a boat is the best there is!

Behind a great design needs to be a good story. “With the whole team we look for inspiration and make it technical feasible”.

That is the mission of the Sea Level team. Bastiën is responsible for new business.

jeroen van der knaap

managing director & partner


His day starts with design.

Enjoys listening to client’s wishes for a future yacht. Jeroen sketches and builds ideas into a vision which can clearly be communicated.

Every design should be clever, attractive and exiting! “Designing is creating with your heart your mind and your eyes… the pencil is just a tool.”

gilbert figaroa

naval architect


His day starts with a hot espresso.

As an active sailor Gilbert races in various classes, both national and international. This translates in a keen interest in the hydrodynamic aspects of yacht design.

Determines the hull shape, resistance & propulsion, stability and overall strength of the designs.

maarten bijleveld

senior engineer


As a passionate sailor Maarten is used to work in a team.

Really likes to share his knowledge and has the patience to teach the rest of the team. His specialism is designing and calculating complex structural areas for super yachts.

If anyone has an engineering challenge, they come to him.

nick kooijman

engineer - ICT specialist


Nick has a great passion for travelling and everything concerning water and water sports.

He has sailed the Pacific for 2 years. Reflecting on usability from the consumers point of view is not a hard task for Nick, as he is a consumer himself! This results in functional details for production and practice.

rick ter beek

engineer - fireman


His passion for boating started at a young age when he discovered sailing and windsurfing.

Being able to use his creativity in ship design and construction is what gets Rick up and going in the morning.

His practical approach to engineering enables him to find the best possible balance between form and function.

yvonne van der bijl

office manager


As the office manager Yvonne looks after the guys at Sea Level.

Takes care of all the daily tasks to make everything run smoothly at the office and supports the management team.

But most important: making sure we have the best coffee in town!

govert de boer



Coming from a family of sailors, Govert spent much time on the water from a young age.

He enjoys using his background in mechanical engineering on (super-)yacht constructions at sea level.


To him, yacht design is the best challenge there is!

bob engbers



Since a little boy wind and waves are his passion. And when the wind really is getting strong BOB grabs his wind- and kitesurf gear and has fun in the waves.

He combines this with his design and engineering  experience. Resulting in enginering yachts from a practical point of view and in an 3D environment on the best level.

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