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September 2022 - News

Bart and Maarten had a dream - part 2




You might or you rather should, remember our clients Bart Reijn and Maarten van den Born. We wrote about their ambitious plan earlier: developing their own super advanced high-speed powerboat within 2 years and from scratch. (read part 1 here)

Well, in the past 2 years we at Sea Level experienced a joyride full of crazy ideas, unexpected solutions, pitfalls and reinventions, all while working with Reborn Yachts to finally get the job done. To be honest we even managed to surprise ourselves: already this summer the official launch of 3 ships was proudly announced! See the boats of Reborn Yachts at the Cannes Yachting Festival and the
Monaco Yacht Show.


Our own role within this team was focused around the technical feasibility of Bart and Maarten’s dream. Working closely with designer Bernd Weel and other parties, we supported his design with the right technical solutions and tackled any construction issues during the building process. Our main activities during the project included:

  • Naval Architecture

  • Composite Structural Design

  • Composite Engineering


We are happy to announce that, after months of hard work, the dream of Bart and Maarten has became reality.

'Everything is right, everything fits !! And you are just great people to work with!'   Bart and Maarten - Reborn Yachts

20 Years of defying challenges together


50 metre MY BOOK ENDS


We like to think fast and work fast. However, in some cases a more structural and long term working relationship is the more fertile and our relationship with Heesen Yachts is the perfect example of such a case.
For over 20 years we have been working and learning together on numerous projects.
We love it when the result of our alliance is illustrated by something as extraordinary as our latest project with Heesen Yachts.

MY Book Ends: a design that challenges the laws of physics. We are proud to have been part of the development of a yacht which, in short, stands for: ‘low-drag’, ‘lightweight’ and ‘high speed through smart engineering’. (YN 19850 MY Book Ends)

'They know what a Heesen Yacht is about'   Jos Verbruggen - Manager Shipbuilding Engineering

Inspiration through fun


Courtesy: castoldi


At Sea Level, we believe that curiosity and fun are the key to keep us inspired and motivated.
As you might know, we also like to solve seemingly impossible problems.


3D printing gives us the ability to combine exactly these two guiding principles. We experiment with shapes, proportions and technologies concerning Feature Integration and general Naval Architecture in order to discuss with our clients on all our latest innovations.

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