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November 2020 - Newsletter


Really happy with our new brand promise!


After more than 20 years of experience we believe this is the moment to redefine for ourselves and our clients why we do what we do. This has led to a new brand promise.


Sea Level people are optimists by nature. 
To us a problem is a great opportunity to come up with a clever solution and make something work.

We welcome any challenge, any difficulty handed to us by you: yacht designer, owner representative or yard. Please give them to us, as early in the process as possible, we can help you to get the job done.


We encourage owners and designers to come up with 'crazy' ideas and wishes. Think the impossible, know that there is a specialist company that will help you achieve your goal.


Our core values ​​have remained unchanged over the past 22 years and we see them as the pillars of our company. We are super optimists, we see no problem in anything and are happy to tackle any challenge. We believe in a continuous growth of knowledge within our company to helpfully serve our clients.


Obviously, a new brand promise also includes a visual upgrade of our company logo.


Sea Level's speciality: Feature Integration


Superyachts are becoming more and more complex because of the desired special features like beach club hull doors, helidecks, deck cranes, balconies and many more.


Integrating these ‘special features’ in the ship's structure we call Feature Integration.

A specialty that Sea Level is increasingly focusing on.


We are building increasingly specialized knowledge, which means that the issues may also become increasingly complex.


Aditionally, our network is growing, we are talking more and more with parties that are connected to Feature Integration for Superyachts and High Speed ​​Work Boats.

Nick 10 years @ Sea Level and team expansion

After ten years @Sea Level it's time to celebrate this moment with Nick and the team! We have arranged a delicious sushi lunch for Nick and surprised him with presents that for sure will be invested in the construction works on his house, Cheers Nick! Looking forward to work with you for the next ten years!


We are happy with this year's team expansion of three new Sea Level persons.
Welcome aboard Ben, Eryk and Victor!


In April Ben joined the team, starting as an engineer with the intention to grow into the role of naval architect.


In August Eryk started as a project engineer, currently working on structural engineering of a 59 m MY, but multi disciplinary deployable.


After 8,5 years Yvonne van der Bijl has left Sea Level and will expand her activities in her company.

Bianca Schipper started September 1st as the office manager @ Sea Level. Many thanks Yvonne & welcome aboard Bianca!


Last but not least, Victor started just now October 1st. as project leader and will assist with new business developments.

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