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January 2024 - News

The unrivalled SUV at sea!

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The DB50 concept was launched more than one year ago. Finally, last December, the Stratos DB50 could be experienced in full after its revealing at the Masters Expo.


This high speed ‘muscle’ yacht is designed for the toughest conditions out there, resulting in a CE Classification A. We at Sea Level also had to defeat tough conditions regarding its overall structure and its handling abilities.


In the end, all parties involved felt that every effort resulted in what we like to call  ‘the unrivalled SUV of the sea’. If you wish, you can judge it for yourself during its European Premiere at Boot Düsseldorf January 20th – 28th.


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Boot Düsseldorf

Sea Level expanding services

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Zeelander Yachts



With 25 years of experience in yachts and high performance work boats, we believe we can provide added value to visualising designs from industry partners.


In order to help our customers even better and provide a more complete package, we decided to offer our visualisation services. This allows our customer to start marketing and selling their boats or products before developing or producing the physical product.

It also offers them the opportunity to 'play' with colours, textures and materials. Maybe even make improvements to the design. The client can truly experience what any pre-built decision could translate in terms of looks and overall impression. All this early in the design process!


Sea Level is an independent partner, so any designer or producer can submit their project to us without any worries.


Want to learn more about this? Contact Jeroen van der Knaap,

Thank you for celebrating with us!

Sea Level's 25th anniversary party

Together with our clients, partners, friends and family we celebrated Sea Level’s 25th anniversary. And we still have the feeling that we are just getting started!

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