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July 2023 - News

the Fast and the Furious

HSBO forum, Göteborg, Sweden


This June we found ourselves in Göteborg at the HSBO, the High-Speed Boat Operations Forum. Three days of experiencing what high speed and g-forces mean to the design requirements of a boat. We learned (and tested) how detailed hull design and hull material choices affect both agility as well as crew safety, protection and comfort, in high speed circumstances.


As naval architects, we see it as our responsibility to expand our knowledge of High Performance Boats and to address topics such as impact and noise to implement improvements.


In the end, for us, the HSBO has been a true knowledge event, fueling our curiosity and inspiring our search for innovation. We will definitely attend the next HSBO-event!

On-board overboard (part II)

Crane - MOB FIT Tool


Last time we mentioned our Crane – MOB FIT Tool. Due to the great interest, we will go into this in a little more detailed with a step-by-step explanation for: selecting a suitable deck crane for the rescue boat (MOB).

The process:

  1. we import a 3D model of hull-deck-superstructure of the yacht

  2. we select the preferable rescue boat (MOB) and a position on deck

  3. we allocate the position of the deck crane

    With this, our
    Crane – MOB FIT Tool filters all applicable cranes

  4. from the filtered list of cranes, one crane is selected

  5. the Crane – MOB FIT Tool automatically generates the specific steps for bringing the rescue boat overboard, including in heeled condition

  6. Once confirmed, the MOB launch arrangement is generated, ready for submission to Flag state,
    click here for an example of a
    MOB launch arrangement pdf


In the next part we will consult on integrating the crane foundation into the ship structure.


Combined forces



Since the pre-launch of the STRATOS DB50 last December, production has been in full swing at this high-end yachting brand STRATOS Yacht.


What makes the STRATOS DB50 project so special for Sea Level is, first of all, the assignment to design a hull that is fully focused on open water boating and is ready for the toughest weather and sea conditions (CE category A).

In addition, the challenge of designing an unprecedented strong and rigid composite construction, tailored to series production.


The hull is built with an extremely strong combination of longitudinal and transverse stiffening while the deck and superstructure are supported by means of several bulkheads. This combination ensures an extremely high resistance to the impact of waves.


Sea Level regularly carries out weight measurements during production to ensure the integrity of all STRATOS yachts.


Nothing is left to chance, go anywhere, at any time. We can't wait for the first sea trials!

  • naval architecture

  • structural design

  • composite engineering



website STRATOS Yacht

pre launch STRATOS DB50

superyachttimes unveils STRATOS DB50 

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