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March 2023 - News

Practice what you preach

Sea Level-experience days-01.png

Experience Days - Sea Level @ Gouwerok Shipyard


At Sea Level, we spend a lot of time behind our computers, our workplace, this is where we create. And we do so with great pleasure and satisfaction.


However, we like it even better to go outside and experience the practical implications of our thinking. Therefore, a few times a year we schedule so called ‘Experience Days’ at the production sites of our clients.


Most recently, just a few weeks ago, at Gouwerok Shipyard we learned about the ins and outs of aluminium hull construction. Alongside the large superyacht hulls being built, part of the Sea Level team was explained about their construction methods and instructed to produce some work of our own.


Working as part of a team, reading drawings, pre-processing material, folding and welding and, of course, evaluating briefly.


And, off the record, we also had a lot of fun.

Tender Trends




We want to know everything about tenders! Tenders are the fun toys of every superyacht. Although we research a lot on tenders, it isn't all about these tenders but especially how to fit these into the superyachts in a safe and efficient way. It is our goal to create easy tender handlings for crew, comply with Rules and Regulations and maximise the the fun for owner and guests.

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