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May 2023 - News

On-board overboard

Crane - MOB FIT Tool - naval architecture


When a MOB is required onboard the yacht, Rules and Regulations will always have a long list of requirements to meet. Luckily for you, Sea Level can assist you in the early design process for new builds and with refit proposals for existing yachts.


With our Crane – MOB FIT Tool, in collaboration with you, we can quickly come up with applicable cranes for your project. Inserting your layout criteria and preferences in our tool will result in a list of all cranes available in the market which match your specific challenge.


The output will show you:

  • a 3D-model of your applicable situation

  • brand, model, type and technical crane information (SWL, reach, overall dimensions…)

  • MOB-arrangement for Class approval


Easy, fast and effective, ready for integration into the structural design of the yacht.


With our database of (now) more than 300 high quality crane systems, the configurator comes up with a 3D blueprint of the specific yacht together with the most appropriate crane and MOB/tender combination.


Our unique Crane – MOB FIT Tool will be available as a web application in Q3 of this year. Instant download of your MOB-arrangement for Class/Flag will be a ‘push button’.


Need advice on crane foundation integration? We will be happy to design the right structural interface for you.

Let's composite

Composite - structural design


The world of composites as a building material is endlessly developing and constantly bringing new challenges. Sea Level is continuously expanding their knowledge and building up experience daily during composites projects. Focusing especially on finding the right balance between the theoretical and the practical part of the building process. A challenge worth taking.


Although you may find disadvantages when it comes to composite, the list of advantages is also extensive with the ability to produce efficiently on a large scale such as series boat being at the top of the list. Developments in sustainable applications make this building material even more attractive for future projects.


Our visit to the JEC in Paris brought us new composite-insights again and made it possible to expand our network in this versatile and interesting material.

Working together on a workboat



For the Stormer RIB 130 CREW, Sea Level made a thorough feasibility study and together with STORMER MARINE we finalized the pre-design for the boat. Tackling requirements such as on-board handling, vessels stability and moving target goals made this an engaging and stimulating project.


By balancing practical and safety demands with comfort and logistic efficiency, Sea Level once again has applied its knowledge into practice.

  • naval architecture

  • structural design

  • feature integration

  • visualisation/ renders

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