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May 2024 - News

What you see is what you get!

Sea Level-Enksail sailing-web.png

Visualization - step 1/5


Through our in-house visualization expertise we offer our clients the possibility to showcase realistic and inspiring concepts to their customers in the early stages of a project.


We have developed a unique 5-step visualization approach and we are happy to share a ‘behind the scenes’ with you. So yes, this means, what you see is what you get!


Step 1: Geometry

The geometrical 3D input needed for production of a yacht is not the same as what is required for visualization. This was also the case for this project Enksail Halcyon for Gebroeders van Enkhuizen. So we modified the input into what we call visualization geometry.

In short we:

  • remove excess information

  • simulate detailed finishing

  • add outfitting details

  • do something we keep secret.... 

Sea Level Enksail engineering & VIZ.png

Next time: Step 2: Materials, stay tuned!

A knife cuts both ways!

Sea Level-traineeships.png


Sea level always has challenges and issues we want to explore.

The efforts of trainees are very important here. They can research independently (yet under intensive ‘senior’ supervision). Studying specific subject areas helps us to offer our clients the best advice and it motivates the trainees to develop valuable knowledge.


In the past years this resulted in a wide variety of concepts, innovations and services.


Two really cool recent traineeships:

  1. HTS Maritieme Techniek, byThomas Barens
    'the design of a High Speed multi purpose aluminium workboat'


  2. Hogeschool van Amsterdam, by Danyel Plaggenburg
    'what will be the impact of integrating a tender garage into the design of a superyacht?

We are busy!

Sea Level-hiring.png

Sea Level is hiring


Inviting you to join us – and yes we are looking for an experienced Project Engineer - Construction.

But to be honest we are especially looking for someone that fits our close-knit Amsterdam based team.


Are you open minded, dedicated, curious and a little ‘cheeky’? And do you trust your instincts as well as your brainpower? Or do you know someone that might fit this description? Don’t hesitate, contact us.


Sea Level: working independently for various clients and therefore lots of diversity in projects!

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