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November 2022 - News

Fun & inspiration at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show!

sea level-MYS2022-small.png

MYS 2022


We sailed off to Monaco with high expectations. We were well prepared, having planned ahead appointments and meetings with dozens of clients and industry partners – who we at Sea Level also call ‘inspirational colleagues’.


We learned a lot and our curiosity was fueled. Amongst others we shared ideas with top designers like Cor de Rover, Tony Castro, René van der Velden and Bernd Weel.


We also had a very interesting time with the people of Superyacht Tenders & Toys. As it happens we are preparing a more structural working relationship with them for the near future!


For those who were not able to vist the show, see this impression below.

High Speed

sea level stormer rib 90.png



Together with the people from Stormer Marine we have developed a high speed working boat within a high speed time schedule.


The challenge was to meet a short notice delivery, without making concessions to quality. Combining strong and light weight requirements at the same time. In our mind this must be one of the fastest development procedures as it comes to a custom built heavy duty platform!


Do you agree?

(Don't) be electrified


Courtesy: castoldi

100% electric

There is a new kid in town. Electrified toys and tenders. We are strongly looking into this, because it means new official and non-official demands and requirements.


And it also will have its effects on handling on board the super yachts.

There will be more and more electrical equipment on board of your yacht than ever before and safety will become more a point of attention.


So, be prepared, don’t be electrified! 

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