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March 2021 - News

Bart and Maarten had a dream

Reborn Yachts-RB 38-driving-news.png

Courtesy: Bernd Weel Design

REBORN 38 - length 11.65 m


One year ago, when meeting marine owners Bart Reijn and Maarten van den Born, it seemed as if we were looking in a mirror. Just like us, they have big dreams and bold ideas. More specifically, they wanted to develop their first boat. Not just any boat though, a high-speed powerboat that embraced all the latest, most advanced naval architecture and feature integration. They called their idea: Reborn Yachts.


Most people would have told them to be a bit more modest about their first building project. Not us! We said GO FOR IT and we helped them put a team together to get their dream off the ground.


Our own role within this team was focused around the technical feasibility of Bart and Maarten’s dream. Working closely with designer Bernd Weel and other parties, we supported his design with the right technical solutions and tackled any construction issues during the building process. Our main activities during the project included:

  • Naval Architecture

  • Composite Structural Design

  • Composite Engineering


We are happy to announce that, after nine months of hard work, all the preliminary work has finished and that the dream of Bart and Maarten is about to become reality.

'Everything is right, everything fits !! And you are just great people to work with!'   Bart and Maarten - Reborn Yachts

The happy marriage between light weight and heavy duty

Stormer RIB-News.png

STORMER RIB 75 - length 8.15 m


Together with STORMER MARINE we recently finished a challenging project. And as you might know, at Sea Level we like challenges.


The essence of the project revolved around the development of a high capacity and high-speed RIB.

A workboat defined as: strong, light weight and perfectly balanced in any configuration.

Demands that, at first, may seem difficult to combine in one design.


Our approach was to constantly monitor the weight and the balance during the entire process. In order to achieve this, we used our load cells or scales each time to measure the weight and its effect on the centre of gravity. A truly spectacular sight for any witnesses present at the STORMER MARINE yard.


We managed to achieve a robust and weight efficient architecture for the RIB, able to handle any load and match every extensive requirement, both in sterndrive and outboard versions.

This last duality was an added challenge to the job to be done. But as said above, we just like challenges.

'Specialists in High Speed & a perfect sparring partner!'   Erwin Hilbrands - owner STORMER MARINE

Balancing between requirements and desires


Courtesy: castoldi

People might own a superyacht for different reasons, but the one they seem to all have in common is truthfully the search for freedom. When designing a ship, creating all its features, even adding secondary functions, the main design driver ought to be the feeling of freedom. At a certain point however, the Rules and Regulations will come in and stand in the way of fun and creativity.


And this also applies to rescue boats. Rescue boats find themselves obligated to meet such specific requirements that the world of freedom, creativity and fun suddenly seems far away. At Sea Level however, we came up with a smart and fun way to merge these seemingly opposing worlds!


It all starts with the basic idea of combining a rescue boat and a luxury tender. Using a holistic approach, we consider crane requirements, layout and owner’s design and comfort desires as our starting point. 


In a heartbeat, we are able to pin-point which 'Luxury LSA Tender', in which configuration, will be able to combine both worlds. Being as official as it needs to be and as ‘fun’ as you want it to be.

We can assist you in selecting the right LSA-tender, that matches with your yacht specs and provide you:

- Tender Arrangement

- Crane and Handling arrangement

For new builds and refit projects.

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